Generating the most Strategic and Advanced Partners Possible

Interested in becoming a Partner?  Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.  After receiving the appropriate password, you’ll be able to apply here:

Strategic Partner Application and Paperwork

All strategic partners are recruited, trained, supported and managed by our Partner Development Department who:

Transitions New Partners Into the Company

Our Partner Development Department (PDD) recruits and on boards all the new partners. The Partner Development Team confirm that all new partners meet every one of ISP’s standards and also verify that it is an easy transition into the ISP network for the partner. The PDD also verify and update all of our partner insurance certificates.

Ensures the Partners are Continuously Educated and Up to Date 

They train all the new partners on our signature Extranet project management system and ensures the partners understand all of ISP’s Expectations. After initial entry into ISP’s Strategic Partner team, they will be involved in bi-weekly conference calls as well as annual and mid-year partner conferences, where they will receive advanced application and product training on some of the most cutting-edge industry products.

Guarantees 100% Quality Satisfaction 

Our Partner Development Team performs quality control visits on our projects and guarantee that the quality of the work is at it’s peak as well as track all the information from the quality control checks. They make follow-up calls on every single project within 24 hours of the project being completed and even partake in unscheduled random on-site inspections. While keeping track of all the quality control checks, they track partner performance – good and bad in order to train or award where necessary.


How Being a Strategic Partner can Accelerate Your Business:

We Supply:

~  Steady & Secure Work

~ Industry Leading Project Management

~ Industry Product Discounts

~ Top Quality Products

~ Continuous Advanced Skills Training

~ Annual Partner Conference

What we’re looking for in our Strategic Partners:

~ Be able to embrace strict quality standards

~ Pass a criminal background check

~ Have appropriate workman’s compensation and liability insurance

~ Provide references

~ Be well established within your local market

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